Humboldt County Historical Society

Map Collection

From the Barnum House Archive

Large format maps are some of the most delicate and difficult historical resources to preserve digitally. Staff is currently working to scan historical maps from the Barnum House collections, using a new large format scanner purchased with grant funding. Stay tuned for digital access to these unique documents!

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Sanborn (1).jpg
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Title Company Maps
Including Lentell, Denny, Belcher

Humboldt County Survey Maps
circa 1850s - 1940s

Bays & Coastlines
Including US Coast Survey Charts

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Humboldt County Platt Maps

Highway 101 Planning Maps
Cal. Div. of Highways & Public Works

Aerial Photographs
1958 - 1963

Map of Timber Industry Mills & Camps

Railroads, Bridges, Roads

Bays & Coastline (2).jpg
Highway 101 (2).jpg